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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Feb 2008

Location: sydney, Australia


two clicks......its heath ledger!

DAY 108
arrive in Sydney and meet up with Carmen and ballie for some Chinese, then out for a couple of drinks. we head back to our hostel with the intention of going to the gaff! we stay in side bar, meet Avril and vinnie, have time for a kebab before sleeping!

DAY 109
we have a lay in! wow! then faff a bit before i have my hair literally chopped off! ian could have cut it better! we then met kate and watched a really random but hilarious film, walk hard! after that we meet another kate from uni, then slip by carmen and ballies for some free pizza, then back to our hostel for a bit of ring of fire. i miss the boat to manly and ian is off with kate. actually have an early night!

DAY 110
another good lay in! did our laundry then swung past carmen and ballies for the last time, gave back the guitar and headed to see tess in manly! met tess and walked to freshwater beach! caught the ferry back and headed to side bar. we then caught a train and bus to kate's house party! met tegan amanda and clea and headed back into the city with them, kings cross i think! too busy so out for some pancakes! or pizza! then home!

DAY 111
caught a flight to melbourne!