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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Feb 2008

Location: Melbourne, Australia


we are on the great ocean road??.......i don't believe you!

DAY 111
arrived in melbourne, had to walk down the street they had closed off for gay pride festival! walked around st kildas, then went for a run past the crowds! interesting! met sam for a quiet drink! ended up putting her to bed and walking home all cheese toastyed up!

DAY 112
had a great lay in! then ventured into melbourne, walked around federation square saw the MCG then walked around the CBD, caught a tram home and had some food before going to albert park for a pick up game! met hussy there and played on her team! came back and spent our first night in, in 3 months! wow!

DAY 113
ian got up early picked up the car and we picked up sam for our road trip down the great ocean road! drove for a while stopped at random stops, including apollo bay for lunch, then headed down to the 12 apostles! once we saw them we headed back to base! took a while but got back in time to here all the questions to the worst quiz in the world! thought about going out but stay in again! wow!

DAY 114
we became very good at faffing around today, walked about a bit, met naomi from thailand, went to some arty place then the beach before making lunch! watch/slept through a film, then met sam for a goodbye drink! spent $60 on a fruitless taxi to a place to meet naomi, apprently only locals and regulars allowed in! wicked, so back to base to stay awake to catch the early flight to new zealand woop!