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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Feb 2008

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand


penthouse room, that'll do as a start to nz i guess!

DAY 115
been up all night waiting for our early flight, slept on the bus journeys and got to christchurch in the afternoon. message from chris waiting for us... we're going to watch the 20-20 cricket... done! saw england smash nz around with chris, went out to shooters!

DAY 116
enjoyed our penthouse room in the morning, then walked the city! its small but clean and beautiful! got the guys from the hostel together and headed out, busted moves to 80s music, got slightly bored at concrete, hit shooters, rocked it! took night shots of cathedral square before crashing!

DAY 117
enjoyed our penthouse room in the morning, watching films and playing fifa on the penthouse playstation, went out and bought a guitar! spent the afternoon strumming and watching more films before cooking an awesome sweet n sour meal and starting drinking games to dodgeball! met a fake paul wilson from uni, strolled the bars, wanted to stay up for the rugby, ended up meeting chris and the stag do boys he was out with!

DAY 118
last day in christchurch for a while, woke up on the sofa after trying to watch the rugby! chilled for a bit then played a pick up game for 4 hours in the park, came back and played fifa for a while, met some new guys in our room and ian played his new toy!