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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 16 Feb 2008

Location: New Zealand


your from leighton buzzard!!!! everyday is the 14th...happy valentines day!

DAY 119
got on the kiwi experience bus for the first time and headed to kiakoura, went to the beach, went for a swim! then fell asleep on the beach. ran to the seal coloney, saw nothing, then had a bbq in the pouring rain!! played dice game and entertained the crowds!!

DAY 120
the bus went passed some stunning scenery saw some seals then arrived intp picton, met some new people and went wine tasting! arrived into nelson and walked around for a bit! made a curry and played drinking gladiator, be inspired!

DAY 121
got up early to go to abel tasmin national park, caught a sea taxi up the coast and then started to walk! walked 1 hours in the other direction to see another bay, saw a helicopter and a nice beach, then trekked it back along the national park coast line! 24km's!! went swimming jumped off some rocks and caught the sea taxi back! played drinking shawshank! everytime a color was mentioned! red!

DAY 122
started the double kiwi bus experience, drove to nelson lakes! walked around and then went fopr a swim! cold! bus continued to westport, where we got on a jet boat and spent an hour and a half getting wet in a high speed boat! woop! went back for a romantic steak and made a dessert for sophie, sophie, louise and shannon! then completed a 500 piece jigsaw!

DAY 123
bus continued to a couple of short walks and to pancake rocks, before arriving at the pau pub! went to the lake and the beach then got dressed up! theme was tramps and prostitutes! we went as pandas, with collars and cuffs! am yours for some bamboo! partied hard all night! pandas always rock it!!