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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 16 Feb 2008

Location: franz josef, New Zealand


i want to get away i want to fly away!!

DAY 124
arrived hung over in franz josef after a quick stop off to see some bushmen jump on some deers! what!!! anyway, got here and where told we were skydiving today! woop! 12000 feet over mount cook! unbelievable!!! came back and ran up to the glacier!

DAY 125
woke up early to start our day of ice climbing, hiked up the glacier for about 2 hours before attempting our first wall of ice!! climbed that and trekked to the next site! hardest climbin 5 years the guide said! wicked! attempted this one, forearms burned and managed to get a large chunck of ice to knock my helmet off, ian made it up! trekked down and cooked some food! ended up remarkably drunk for no apprent reason!

DAY 126
left franz for wanika, went on a couple of walks around some reflecting lakes and saw some awesome scenery! arrived i wanika and jumped in the lake several times, before ian sang his heart out so the whole town could here! played the longest game of snap with sophie sophie and wendy!