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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Feb 2008

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand


thats the worst thing about ...... its the best thing about.......actually its not the best thing about.......

be brave and make it look good!

caught the bus to queenstown stopped off at the orginal bungy site saw sophie be brave, got nervous about our jumps!! arrived at base, chilled for a bit then caught the bus to canyon swing!! packed our pants waiting, then jumped off backwards!! 109m drop! 200m arc 150mph! insane! ian was strapped to a chair! got back on a high, had a fergburger and went out with all the kiwi bus crew and bella and kate from our room!

got up at stupid o'clock to catch the bus to milford sound, slept then taught the drive things! saw some awesome sites, then got on the ferry ate the biggest and dryest buffet ever, met louise and took lots of pictures! went to an underwater observaty then caught the bus back with sophie and sophie! played word association manipulation! headed out danced in world bar, caked out pretty quickly

DAY 129
day off! ish, slept then faffed for ages made a den with sophie's then went to the top of queenstown and did luging! great fun, great views, headed down for a curry then hit the goon! ian played to lisa stina and angelica and we headed to altitude bar. met up with rosie and ended up in world bar again!

DAY 130
stupid o'clock again, went river boarding, got some stick for being asleep on the way there! went down grade 3/4 rapids on boogie boards, then jumped off a 10m rock and went down some slides! headed back for a quick snack and a nap before we went to do our bungy! packed our pants, suffer slight scardy cat sindrome then jumped off! we made it look good!
got back and started a corridoor party ian sang we all danced it was fun!

DAY 131
headed to christchurch, went passed some lakes! then watch england get smashed, met joe and bubsy from fraser island and headed out to meet chris from loas! missed him,but met sophie's and claire and christina! went to shooters then teleported back!