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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Mar 2008

Location: Rotarua, New Zealand


Thermal wonderland, maori poses!!!

DAY 136
got up at stupid o'clock and caught a bus to mt doom, then trekked with ian, greg and westwood! played cricket on the crater, walked in the fog and finished the 8 hour walk in less than 6! headed back for a nap and then pub quiz! didnt win so went to bed!!

DAY 137
left taupo to go to rotarua, saw a maori museeum then wwent luging with westwood and chris! saw westwood have a massive crash! then went to a maori village, got to be chief for the evening, rinsed the all u can eat buffet and sang songs on the way back! ended up in lava bar with lisa!

DAY 138
slept in missed the bus to thermal wonderland caught the 1pm bus, walked around some pretty stunning sights, then back for another nap!! went for dinner with the gang to nandos then back for a bit of jazz club upside down master and maori poses!