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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Mar 2008


does anyone else want to make an effort!!

DAY 139
caught the kiwi bus to auckland, stopped off at some random hobbit place, and arrived in time to go for a wander and to meet up with everyone from the last few weeks! drank with bella and katie in the kitchen before seeing westwood and crag downstairs! said bye to everone and got reay for the trip tomorrow

DAY 140
up at stupid o'clock, trekked up to bay of islands, slept, then had a bbq and went dancing at salty next door, sweated a lot then headed home

DAY 141
again stupid o'clock, busses it up to th top of the country it was raining so not much fun really! went sand boarding and droive down a 90 mile beach, had fish and chips then back to the bay! met annie and corky in the bar and came 3rd in the pub quiz!! walked under the stars and headed to bed!

DAY 142
met annie and corky and went to some sulphur pools, they were hot and smelt! back to the beach for some sun bathing and a chuck around before catching the bus back to aukland! beach party downstairs! we got dressed up no one else did, danced a lot and then went to bed, double bed!

DAY 143
lazy morning after not having enough seats on the day trip sort our flights out and walked around the city a bit! watched some cricket and then went for a run! back in time to hit margaritas and win a jim beam and tui t-shirt!

DAY 144
headed to the airport to fly to fiji, ian had a gun in his guitar case!