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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Mar 2008

Location: nadi, Fiji



DAY 144
arrived into nadi and got picked up by feejee experience, headed to our hostel! had a swim and a run and re stung the guitar! nice meal and then chateed to rob and dani! quiet night off to the island s tomorrow!

DAY 145
caught the bus to the port and got on awesome adventure! 45mins later arrived on beachcomber island, walked around it in 5 mins! met lisa and adrian! played pyramid haylet arrived and played more games, we danced sang and photos were taken, sweated all night in bed!

DAY 146
woke up dripping in sweat went for a swim, played some cards, went for a swim, laid down, went for a swim, ian played guitar, swam! went on the banana boat, then played beach volleyball! that night played crab race, slaps and position sharades and then danced!

DAY 147
supposed to leave beachcomber but the boat was early!! so chilled, swam, played some cards, watched anchorman, chilled, played pyramid, danced, went for a swim, passed out on the beach with ian in my arms!

DAY 148
left beachcomber, headed to coral view, met some old friends from kiwi on the boat. got to coral view and made friends with all the staff, went for a walk, then back for some volleyball and pyramid, 50% vodka and a bonefire! ended up on the beach at 4am with ian stumming his guitar thousands of stars and a lightening storm on the left!

DAY 149
coral view morining, chilled, laided in a hammock, played some cards, went for a swim, played some volleyball, went for a swim, played touch rugby against the staff, danced after dinner, bula bula! u have good boogie boogie! then the rain came and we sat up on the porch listening to ian and making new friends!

DAY 150
left coral view after a tearful goodbye from the staff! headed to manta ray, full, so went to white sandy beach with ray and hill! bula! played pyramid and jazz, danced with a grass skirt on! it was our birthday so we had cake then danced some more, sat by the bonfire all night before a midnight swim with ray! slept in a hammock to see the sunrise!

DAY 151
left the isalnds and headed back to the main land with adrian! played pyramid and got to nadi bay hotel, saw mischa and met up with tasha! i caked out ian and adrian partied with the girls until the early hours!

DAY 152
started the 4 day feejee-experience trip with our guide bola and driver arvin (airport?... oh shhtop it!). laura that i know from eastbourne randomly got on our bus after waking up late for its departure! headed for the beach for bbq and swimming before later going to a local village and finishing the day sand boarding down a pretty bloody steep dune! pool volleyball and traditional fiji dances and songs followed as well as sarongs and lei's at mango bay resort!

DAY 153
rainforest trek and tubing through the forest tracks, creeks and rivers! jumped and swam in waterfalls before riding on a long boat to suva where we ate buffet food, watched a fijian show, played guitar and slept in a pretty cool room!

DAY 154
visited a pretty remote village and drank kava with the cheif! played rvier rugby with the locals and did some bilibili rafting before heading to the last nights accommodation in Rakiraki. had a quality last night with everyone, particularly laura and adrian which included games run by the resorts big gay fijian staff member, late night skinny dipping (without the games-man!) and a bonfire!

DAY 155
visited a school to play rugby and games with the 100+ pupils, drank kava with the teachers then went to a mudpool and got covered in the stuff! got back to nadi and showered before heading for the airport to leave for L.A. that night!

fiji rocked!