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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Mar 2008

Location: USA

MapUSA - L.A., San Diego, Vegas and San Francisco!!


DAY 155
arrived in L.A. and yep... its still march 18th! it'd been going about 32 hours by the time we arrived at the airport at 1pm! there was still more of it to come obviously! started off by picking up our car which they kindly upgraded for a very small price from a ford focus to a ford mustang! sweet! wasted the afternoon cruising round hollywood before spending the night in gemma's hotel room using facepacks and watching films... a girly one for gemma's last night before flying home!

DAY 156
drove to san diego, bought a new camera for our last 10 days as mine unfortunately broke after 5 years (jinxed it too many times i guess!) joined the hostel pub crawl and cruised round a few bars! it was only when we left the last place we realized we couldn't actually see, but luckily we stumbled back with the hostel staff!

DAY 157
walked around the gas lamp quarter then along the marina! got on the U.S.S. Midway, saw how adrian must have lived! then walked back to pick up the car and drive to the spot the burito was thrown and baxter dropped kicked! then up to a look out point in balboa park! got back in time to watch a film free popcorn and then head to shout! met some spring break girls then headed home!

DAY 158
VEGAS BABY! well we drove there first! 7 hours of cruising! had the biggest sandwich in the world! got to hostel and went up to the freemont experience! it wasnt on! walked back, head down it was a dodgy area! joined the staff for a pub crawl which started with some lame drinking games! ian and i ramped up the stakes pretty quickly and then we headed out! $1 corna!!! caught the deuce to the strip! we do something for 4 hours have no idea what! ian cant remember the strip at all, not a single light! head back for our 5.45 pick up to see the grand canyon!

DAY 159
we get back to the hostel at 5.30, pick up is 5.45! the next 5 hours is a bit of a blur, we kept waking up to change buses and check in, but generally just slept! got to the canyon! it took our breath away and made ians legs wobble! walked around for 3 hours then 5 hours slepp back on the coach! we saw the hoover dam! then back to the hostel! we go to the freemont experience its on! catch the deuce to the belagio fountains then off to a couple of casinos! win nothing and head back! via the stratosphere, its closed!

DAY 160
go to the stratosphere, ian gets some free rides over vegas! we cruise the strip in the mustang, with our putero rico cd playing loud! then head back to LA! get to la for a comedy night and then we walk around trying to find some food! nothing, not even an easter egg!

DAY 161
drive to the hollywood sign and then through bevely hills! get to santa monica beach walk around and have some descent food! then we fall asleep on the beach! head back for our limo ride around hollywood! go to the saddle ranch! ian last quiet long on the bull but girls always get bigger cheers! we head back and meet the norweigen girls adrian sent our way! we keep everyone awake with ian playing and stupid games!

DAY 162
check out and then drive the girls to the hollywood sign! have a photo shoot then its off to frisco! boring drive up! untill the windmills! then fun and games finding the hostel!
get there, walk around china town and get some good food! head back to watch 81 channels of rubbish and an early night!

DAY 163
drive around frisco all day see the crookiest street in the world, Alcatraz, the bay bridge! 2 days left!! arrrggghhh! head out around the local area then up to north beach, see some quality live bands and play some free pool!

DAY 164
drive across the bay bridge to buy NBA tickets! head back to try and go over to alkatraz, no tours avaliable until monday! ok! lets shop! walk around not affording anything! then back to shower and catch the train to the stadium, watch the warriors beat the blazers! catch the train back to space bar! we try and toast all the good things we have done! we make it as far as loas and fall off our stools! help some guy back with a bad knee, he thought we were doctors!