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Chris Sayer’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 29 Aug 2007

Location: London, UK

MapMonday Aug 27th
Today, Lords. The home of cricket. The hallowed turf. Well, after the MCG in our opinion, but the poms certainly love their cricket icon. We did a tour of the Lords ground, and also were lucky to see some of a county final in action : Chelsea v Suffolk. We witnessed first hand the age-old tradition of players entering and leaving Lords via the Long Room. The Suffolk batsman by the name of Grayson was given out on 87, and walked right by us as we were standing in the Long Room in the Pavillion. Naturally, we applauded him as any fine old cricketing gentlemen would. We were even given access to the ground during the lunch interval, and the Media Centre – that huge white strange-looking building that looks like a spaceship. And finally, in the museum, we saw a tiny little urn sitting in a glass cabinet. Priceless, and rightfully “owned” by us Aussies again.
Lords is in the area of St John’s Wood, and the Underground station just happens to be just 5 minutes walk from a certain street called Abbey Road. Yes, we made the deviation on the way back from Lords, and, yes, I had my picture taken on the crossing. And yes, I stood in front of the recording studio and pondered on the music that had been created inside that building.
Tuesday 28th
A Rock n Roll tour of London, which was also a great way to get a chaffuer-driven bus out of the city to see some lovely villages. Heaps of music trivia - too many to mention. Lots of places where people died, or lived, or drank, or recorded, or played.