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Chris Sayer’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 30 Aug 2007

Location: England

MapLast day in London, 29th August.
Today - a tour of Wimbledon. Only disappointment was Centre Court was not available, due to major reconstruction (including a roof), but the rest of it was fantastic. Amazing to think that this entire complex is used for just two weeks of the year (except for some outside courts used by the 500 members of the All England Lawn Tennis Club). Court One (now the major court at Wimbledon) will soon be used for Davis Cup, and then both it and Centre Court will be used for the Olympics in 2012. Other than that - only two weeks every year.
Early tomorrow morning, we say goodbye to London, but we're sure that we'll be back one day. This place is too vibrant and exciting to stay away. We've packed so much into the past 5 days, experienced everything from tranquil gardens to jam-packed tube stations. But ... we'll be back....