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Chris Sayer’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Sep 2007

Location: Toulouse, France

MapThankyou to everyone who has responded to us via this log. It`s great to hear from you all. Here`s our week so far ..
Monday night was Blood Brothers, the musical on West End, and it was everything our friend Danny made it out to be. Beautiful story, fantastic singing and acting, incredible score and sets. Can't wait to see it in Launceston next year (eh, Danny?).

Thursday was goodbye to London, and fly to Toulouse. Immediately, a different city and culture. But our friend Jean helped us out at the airport, and then we were welcomed into her home that night. So warm and hospitable, it was a magic night with her family and friends in a beautiful house. A highlight of the trip so far.
Friday was spent exploring Toulouse, incredible old buildings. A huge basilica in the centre of the town was built in 1076 ... hard to comprehend standing inside it, let alone how they built such a huge stone building.
So, today, Saturday, we venture south to the village of Mirepoix. As our waitress asked last night "Why would you want to go there ... there's so much to see in Toulouse?". For a start, we are looking forward to having a rest. Being hardcore tourists is hard work.