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Chris Sayer’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Sep 2007

Location: Anne's birthday, Mirepoix, France

MapAnne’s 50th birthday, and after yummies from the local patisserie and champagne for breakfast, Anne spent the morning on the phone talking to birthday wellwishers from as far away as Tasmania (ie, home), Vancouver (ie, daughter Dayna) and northern India (good fiend Mike on his Himalayan motorbike tour). Lunch was had in the town centre, with everyone enjoying either “plat de jour” (the suggested courses of the day, with todays mains either canard [duck] or pasta) or “cassoulet”, which is this regions local delicacy of various meats done in a casserole style. All of it delicious.
A leisurely afternoon culminated in a gracious invitation to the home of Claudine and Serge Levy for aperitifs before dinner. Claudine is our Mirepoix contact for the house we’re staying in, and they made all eight of us very welcome for a couple of hours of fantastic conversation and great wines from the Languedoc region (ie local). It was wonderful to talk to lovely locals about what it’s like to live in France, and life in a provincial town like Mirepoix. A very interesting evening with some lovely people.
Then back to the house for Anne’s home-made pizzas and leftovers. Midnight and off to bed after another incredible day in France.