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Chris Sayer’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Sep 2007

Location: near Toulouse, France

MapAfter a final clean-up of Beausoleil, a goodbye to Claudine and a last farewell to the village square, we set off from Mirepoix back to the home of Jean and Andy, the family who so spectactularly wined and dined us during our Toulouse stay a week ago. Their kind offer to come back was too good to pass up, and how could we drive past on our way to the Atlantic coast, and Bordeaux, without seeing our new friends once more. Only this time we would stay the night.
An interesting day sport-wise today three national teams played for England today in three different sports at the same time, and were all on TV. The cricket team beat India by 7 wickets at Lords (where we were just over a week ago) to wrap up the One Day International series 4-3. The soccer team beat Israel 3-1 in a European Cup qualifier, and the rugby team beat the United States in a World Cup game. Incidently, we also watched Australia beat Japan 89-3 in a rugby World Cup game as well.