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Chris Sayer’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Sep 2007

Location: St Emillion, France

MapA quick note from an internet cafe in St Emillion. Exploring this lovely village, and amazed at the history, narrow streets, cobblestone surfaces, and expensive wines (but plenty of cheap wines to consume, too). Lots of shops selling vintage bottles, eg 1958 bottle 1,100Euros, or a 1946 bottle for 4,460Euros. Hmmm ... not today.
Continuing our journey north towards La Rochelle this afternoon, and looking forward to the Atlantic coast and the fishing port of La Rochelle. Gotta find a B&B for the night as well. It will have to be good to match last nights. This morning Armand showed us around his vineyard - a lovely chap indeed. This entire area is covered in vineyards - rolling hills of vines, dotted by stone buildings of wineries or churches.