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Chris Sayer’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Apr 2009

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

MapWe learn that none other than Barack Obama is also in Turkey today, addressing the Turkish parliament in Ankara on his way home from the NATO summit in Strasbourg and the G20 meeting in London. On our way into the city from Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport, we pass hundreds of police, on every corner, carrying weapons, and we learn that Mr Obama is arriving here a few hours after us, after his visit to Ankara. And his visit to Turkey is all over the Turkish news - press and TV - the guy is creating huge expectations in Turkey after 8 years of bad relations between Turkey and the US.
By the way, we saw a great t-shirt in Vienna the other day. It said "20-1-2009, the end of an error".
We have a couple days to explore Istanbul before starting the bike tour on Thursday.