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Chris Sayer’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Apr 2009

Location: Kas

MapDay 15 April 15
196 kms on the bike.
The morning exploring Kas (pronounced “cash”). As usual in Turkey, there are ancient ruins nearby, and it’s yet another theatre. Much smaller than the ones at Ephesus and Heiropolis, this one’s not Roman, it was built by the Lyceans a couple centuries BC, and it looks out over the sea and islands in the distance. Certainly the theatre with the best view of the four we’ve seen this week.
After lunch in Kas, we ride into the east for Antalya, hugging the coastline as we go. The magnificent seaviews continue. I can tell you that the Med is really blue, quite brilliantly blue, and it’s no coincidence that the word “turquoise” originated from the word Turkey – it aptly describes the colour of the water off to our right. Quite amazing.
Antalya is a sprawling city, Turkey’s third largest, and our hotel is right in the middle, which means it’s in the old section of the city, and a fight through congested traffic at 4pm. Narrow laneways, cobbled alley, lots of pedestrians to avoid on the bike, but we eventually make it to the hotel. Two days here means laundry, and a bike-free day tomorrow.