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Chris Sayer’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Apr 2009

Location: Istanbul

Iím writing this while lying in my Istanbul hospital bed, the same bed Iíve been occupying for two nights now. This is supposed to be a travel diary Ė not much traveling being done by this little black duck, Iím afraid. Yesterday I was poked and prodded by a joint party of an orthopedic and a vascular surgeon. Their joint assessment of my injured left foot was that I should stay in Istanbul and undergo a series of operations to clear up some issues that may turn nasty if I opted to fly back to Australia. Of course, my insurance cover is dependant on doctorís advice, so here I stay. With this news, Dayna is coming to my rescue. She is on her way over from Toronto and will be a wonderful help for Anne while I an in-and-out of theatre. Again, our lovely doctor was recommended to the insurance company that family assistance is required.
I underwent surgery yesterday, and have another one this afternoon. Sunday is a rest day (I may need it) and another operation on Monday. We will know more by Monday night about my immediate future. The care in this place is overwhelming, just a continuation of the lovely friendships and warmth weíve had over the last 3 weeks.
The motorcycle tour actually rides into Istanbul this afternoon, returning to our starting place after three weeks on the road. I should be riding with them. No doubt they will all pay me a visit sometime before they head home sometime on Monday, although Mike, Jim and Joel are staying on a few more days. Canít blame them Ė itís killing me being bed-ridden while I listen to this fabulous city buzzing outside my window. It really is the most exciting of cities Ė we thoroughly recommend Istanbul as a holiday destination.