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Chris Sayer’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 31 Mar 2016

Location: Launceston, Australia

MapAnother journey to the northern hemisphere beckons - this time the focus will a return to Turkey to complete the same Ferris Wheels (now called "World on Wheels") tour that was so rudely interrupted in 2009. Anne and I had always vowed to return. There will no doubt be some emotional moments when we confront what was a traumatic time in our lives, but those moments, however, will be overshadowed by the joy of being back in this fantastic country. The recent bombings only make us more determined - no brainless lunatic will stop us doing what we love.

Our tour guide and bus driver will again be the wonderful Baris and Yusuf, who saved our sanity 7 years ago by looking after us above and beyond the call of duty. We also plan to visit the Istanbul hospital where we spent a month saving my foot, and we will catch up with Dr Myk, the surgeon who operated on my injury - he's told me by email that he well remembers looking after us, and he still has our fluffy kangaroo, given as a gift, on his desk.

By chance, the 2016 World on Wheels schedule offered the opportunity to tour Morocco before Turkey. Not only that, but this tour starts and ends in the south of Spain - both countries on our list of must-see places. Too good an opportunity to miss.

And don't worry - I won't be on a motor bike. Anne and I will travel in the air-conditioned comfort of the support bus.