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Chris Sayer’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Apr 2016

Location: Malaga, Spain

MapAfter leaving home at 1:30pm on Monday, we finally made it to Malaga at 3pm on the Wednesday, which was actually 11pm our time. Two and a half days to get to our first day of the tour was a perfect excuse for an early night, our lights went out at 8:30. The journey, however, wasn’t just frustrating delays – we met some interesting people along the way. The elderly Swiss couple on the plane who’d just toured Oz and NZ, and the store owner at Zurich airport whose shop sold fresh fruit and veg to hungry travellers. The lady selling caviar (do people really pay those prices?)

The final person we met on the journey was key to our travels. He’s our landlord while in Malaga. We chose Fillipo’s place on the Air B&B website, and he welcomed us with a friendly smile and sympathy for our lost night. His unit is at the end of a dead-end street that winds up the hill from the main road. The climb may be a test of our fitness, but it affords the same view that the website promised. The Mediterranean Sea stretches out before us, dominating the panorama from extreme left to right. Wide, blue, busy, ever-changing. Malaga is obviously a major port, with water traffic of all kinds coming and going, right in front of us. We can see two large cruise ships in dock.

Thoughts on Malaga after the first day – motorbikes and scooters, little toy dogs being walked by little old ladies, restaurants and palm trees. Reminded us of St Kilda in Melbourne. The streets are very clean, people obviously use the many rubbish and recycle bins. The prominent feature, however, are the Mountains of Malaga, that seem to keep the city to the coast and stop it encroaching to the north. Resourceful house builders have defied this, however, and built their homes on steep slopes on the side of the mountain, naturally taking in the view. Everywhere you go in Malaga there are mountain slopes, and its resident inhabitants, looking down on you.