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Echo’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Aug 2007

Location: I don't know the name yet., Gambia

MapOkay so I told all of you that I was off to Africa to the smallest country named Gambia or to some The Gambia and to a city named Banjul. Well I lied. Only about the Banjul part cause I am in Africa and in the Gambia but I have no clue where I am right now. Some of you may be laughing and in fact I am laughing while typing this but I don't know where I am. I have told Jake (one of my fellow teachers who is helping me find a place) that I really need to get a hold of a map. All I know right now is that I am at the tip of where the Gambia river meets the Atlantic and yes it is close to Banjul but not in it.

From what I gather from driving around, I am in the suburbs of Banjul and it is a whole bunch of little towns all connecting and joining. The main roads are all paved and have names, I now know the name of one by heart and it is pipeline (it used to have a visible water pipeline running next to it). All of the little roads or streets that houses are on are dirt. Some in better shape than others. I know that pictures would really help the visuals right now so I promise by tomorrow I will try to get photos up.

There is one traffic light in town and I now know roughly what direction a few things are in. Unfortunately, looking for apartments and houses over the last few days has not given me a better layout of the land as we turn down and twist through all these dirt roads. Suddenly just when I think I know where we are we come out of an area that I know but didn't know I was near.

The house that I am going to look into tomorrow is quite cute. It is in it's own compound (or aka brick fence) but it has no grass just pavement, which isn't a bad thing cause there are snakes here and I can see snakes on pavement more than on grass. There is a coconut tree in the yard and a lime tree so I can make endless amounts of Mojitos...I will just have to plant the mint.

The house has a cute little kitchen, two bedrooms both with ensuites...sounds pretty good hey...start booking airline tickets everyone. A smallish sitting area but hey it is just me and a weird little area maybe for a table. Again I will try to get pictures. I also have a huge garage for my motorbike I want to buy and there is a boy's house. This is where my guard will live. Hopefully you are not all freaking out right now cause I want to live in a compound and I have to have a really is not that dangerous it is just the way that it is done here. In fact it is expected so that you can employ locals. I will probably even hire someone to come in and clean and do laundry and maybe even cook for me sometimes, not every day. I think I can still lift a finger or two.

Anyways, that is my little house that I found and hopefully tomorrow I will have good news and photos to show all of you, not just of the house. Next problem is finding the furniture to fill it, which isn't that much of a problem it is just that everything costs money. But oh man, wait till you see how I decorate this place. I am in beautiful african artwork central here. I can't wait to share pictures and then I will probably have to start taking orders. Anyways, enough ramblings for a day, until tomorrow.