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Echo’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Sep 2007

Location: Gambia

MapHello everyone. I am just writing a quick entry right now to let you all know that I am doing well and I have started teaching. This is one of the reasons for the lack of writing right now as I am working lots on lesson planning and getting my life organized. I still have not moved into my house and I have been running around trying to get that all ready for me and trying to teach at the same time. At times I am feeling a little overwhelmed but it is all good.

A quick little glimpse into my days though...
Last week was my first official week as a teacher. I only had seven kids show up and I am expecting the other five to come in scattered throughout the week. I know that all of my teacher friends that are reading this right now and working in Canada are all groaning and saying "really 12 kids, that can't be that hard" and you are right in a way. 12 kids is a very nice number but there is sooooo much diversity in the classroom. I have very few children in my class that english is their first language, and I was blessed with one boy that is in grade three that only went to school for 2 months last year, speaks very little english, speaks spanish at home and cannot read or write either. AHHHHHH! It is challenging and I am up for it. I am grateful that my director is very supportive. The other thing is that I do not have a real curriculum to follow. In fact most of the time I have to make it up from scratch. This is a little stressful as I loved the alberta curriculum. Again another challenge that I am up for though. So far the students that I do have in my class seem really bright and I think it is going to be a fun year.

Okay well that is about all I can say right now. I do have loads to tell all of you and fill you in on but you are going to have to have a little patience with me. I will try and write more but you have to give me at least a week, maybe two depending on whether I move into my house or not. Keep checking but please don't be too disappointed.