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Echo’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Sep 2007

Location: Gambia

MapOkay so the monster is no longer in my kitchen. Thank god. The other morning I was getting ready and making my coffee when I looked down and sure enough the monster was poking his head out of the same spot that I originally saw him. Which meant that he was moving between the sink and my cupboards, which kind of freaks me out just a little. So again, I crouched down and waited for him to completely come out from under the counter. This time I was prepared with a small tupperware container to catch him with. Let me tell you I was sooooo lucky to have captured the little bastard cause they are fast. Holy man. Once he knew that I was on to him it took off like a shot for under the sink again and I very quickly tossed the container on him. Luckily I got him but the next problem was that I had this fairly big size tupperware container on top of him and I had to get it off the floor without the spider escaping. This took a lot of planning. First I had to slide in a piece of paper, which of course was not sturdy enough to lift him up so then I had to slide in a book so that I could have something firm enough to lift. Don't worry, I took pictures of the thing for all of you to see cause I know that some of you don't believe me. I will try to get them on for the weekend. After I finally was able to put the lid on it I packed it off to school so that I could show my kids the spider, they thought it was cool. I then donated it to the nursery school so that they could keep it in the aquarium and study it. I really hope that I don't find another one in my house.

Other than that, life is fairly good. I am a little stressed with school but that is normal for your first year. Today is a better day than yesterday and I want to come back tomorrow. I will try and write soon everyone and I will post the monster pictures soon.