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Echo’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Jan 2008

Location: Fajara, Gambia

MapI am back at school and it is nice to be back. I was very happy to see all of my kids and a little excited to start a fresh new year. Overall the holiday was good. I didn't do much of anything except relax for the most part. Made it to the beach a couple of times (probably should have went more seeing as I am a five minute walk from the thing). Part of me does wish though that I went to Senegal at least for a few days but it just seemed like such a long trip to take for only a few days.
However, I am making up for the lack of travelling over the holidays this weekend though. Yep I am off on an adventure.Tracy has been bugging Mino and I to head off to a village to see what life is like so Mino made arrangements to go to his family's village this weekend as soon as I am done work. To be honest (and some of you may be shocked) but heading to the village does not really excite me as much as it would have maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Even Mino is not that excited about going to the village, he hasn't been there for years. It isn't even his village as he was born in the "city" if you can call it that. When he goes there everyone treats him like a twobob too cause he isn't even used to the life there. Tracy however is pretty excited and I kind of am to see what life is like there but I have a feeling it will be more sad than fun. I will take lots of pictures and I will try to post them.
The village we are going to is on the South bank of the river but we are going to go on the North bank road and then take a small ferry across the river closer to the village. The North bank road is a completely paved road unlike the one to the south and sometimes I hear you can see hippos from the ferry on those river crossings. That will be cool. I am not sure which family member we are going to stay with while we are there but I think that it might be Mino's grandma's brother's house. Depending on how we go private car or public transportation we may also take Mino's grandma and brother along since they too haven't been to the village in a very long time.
Anyways, this is the latest in the african adventures and I will post pictures as soon as I get back from the journey.