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Echo’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Jan 2008

Location: Fajara, Gambia

MapHello everyone. Okay so I bet you are all anxiously checking on the website to see my village pictures. Sorry there will be none of those just yet. I actually didn't go to the village last week as it was not the best timing. Everyone there is still expecting us though and since this friday is a holiday we are going to go when we are not quite as rushed.

Speaking of holidays the Gambia is full of so many of them. It is crazy, not only does everyone here celebrate Muslim holidays but the Christian holidays are celebrated as well and to top it off because we are an american school we also observe some of the American holidays. It really isn't too too many holidays but it kind of feels like it at times. Plus another crazy thing here is that the President can call a holiday anytime he wants and has been known to do this first thing in the morning. For example this Friday is supposedly Muslim New Year and I am sorry but I can't spell the holiday name without any reference. However, Thursday apparently is the one year anniversary of the President finding a "cure" for AIDS so we think that he is going to call a holiday that day too because he is having a big program in Banjul starting at 8:30 in the morning and he is inviting the whole country to go. It is a little dissapointing that this claim is still alive and well but part of me wants to go to see just how many people go and see what this man is doing to justify his claim. It really is a scary claim to make in a country where AIDS is a problem. If I do go to that program I will definelty post pictures and video of that event.

One of the jokes that is running around the school though is that we shouldn't teach the days of the week the way that we teach them in North America or in the developed world in general. Instead we need to adjust our teaching so that instead of asking the students what day is the day after tomorrow and expect them to reply with a proper day of the week, instead we need to teach the students to say "Holiday"!!!!

I can't really complain though because I do in fact enjoy having the holidays and it will make travelling to the village a lot easier and more fun.

Enjoy the new pictures up and I will try to keep them coming.