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adam’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Sep 2007

Location: Edinburgh, UK

MapHi All,
Well we have been here for a month now and still sticking it out!!! I know you probably wont believe it but not much is happening unfortunately. We are still looking for jobs, I have passed my nursing program YEAH!!! and now just waiting for my paperwork to come through and my checks from back in Oz. Adam has applied for a few jobs and had a few interviews so waiting to hear back also...
In the meantime we have been having a look around. The guys we are staying with took us up to St Andrews the other weekend, it was just beautiful. Took the coast road up and everything out of the window is bright green and lots of old ruins and lots of sheep!!! We had a great walk around the town and through the castle ruins, didn't get up to the golf course though.
Adam and I spent last weekend in Glasgow which was lovley. Went for a walking tour around the merchant city and saw lots of old buildings, churches and museums. A lot like Edinburgh but bigger and not quite as beautiful. But boy does it make up for it in shops.... there are hundreds of shops and some good ones at that. We bought 2 jackets, 3 pairs of shoes and some tops...not much really. (we will be back).
We had a great time looking around the museums, they are so great over here. Not your typical look at stone statues or old clothes type of thing, they are really informative and interactive. Any kid any age would love it (yep adam had a ball).
Nightlife in Glasgow is big... unfortunately dress sense isn't. The young girls were getting around in not much more than beach wear.. it gets to about 10 degree at night aswell.
The weather hasn't been too bad. Not too much rain really. Better than the summer they had anyway.. It is about 19degree today, so getting around in shorts etc. Sun doesn't go down until about 930pm.
Well apart from the galavanting around the country we have mainly been trying to find work etc. Luckily we are able to take a friends flat so dont have to pay bond etc. we move in mid october so are staying with Joy til has been really helpful.
Until then we will continue to drink good beer, eat the great chocolate and deserts they have here and try to look like real poms.....
Hope you are all well. Have tried to reply to you, just to let you know if I reply your whole message comes up for all to read so if there isn't one there I have probably sent you an email..
More pics of course
Love Adam and Kelly