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adam’s Travel Diary

Friday, 04 Jan 2008

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

MapHi everyone,
Happy New Year!!! We hope you had a fantastic christmas and great new year celebrations.. We had a lovely, quiet, christmas. Just us and mum, dad and Jamie. Had the usual hot christmas dinner but could actually enjoy it this year as it wasn't a horrible 40 degrees... it was cool, about 3 degree (outside - had heater on of course) but no snow. Until yesterday - YEAH...

We have no officially seen (and played in) our first snow of the season.. aparently it did snow quickly when we were in Paris so missed that... It started snowing yesterday at dawn and was on and off all day really. We went for a walk down to the canal in the morning and caught in a blizzard (well not really but it was falling snow so we imagined a little)... Had a great time, everything is so beautiful and white, just when it started to melt it would snow again. We then went into town and by the time we got home that night there was enough groundcover to build snowmen (well snow midgets anyway)...

Princes Street and the gardens look just amazing this time of year. Not only is the castle all lit up and the trees leading up to it but the hills are all covered in snow. Heaps of rides were in town over christmas and the german christmas markets, ice-skating rink and all the lights. We had a great Hogmanay (new year) and went into the city for the street party. Couldnt really hear any of the music cause of all the people but had fun watching the fireworks. The highlight of course was the super fast and super high ride we went on - 130 feet high and wonderful, saw the castle from a new perspective (upside down)!!!

Well, now it is back to work and trying to make a living again... except tomorrow thats facials, massages and a trip to the Rosslyn Castle (from Da Vinci Code).. will fill you in soon.
Enjoy the pics and we will speak to you all soon

Kelly and Adam