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adam’s Travel Diary

Friday, 22 Feb 2008

Location: LONDON, England

MapHi all,
Well I am back in Edinburgh again now, thought I'd write a bit before I start my full time job in a couple of weeks.
London was great, I worked five 12 hour shifts a week but it was still fantastic. Great to catch up with Ian & Pam, and Karley (thanks for all the help guys). Suprisingly it was also really good to get back into ITU nursing instead of all the ward work and home care I have been doing in Scotland.
I worked for the first 4 weeks but still got a couple of days off and managed to go out for lunch, visit the markets and spend Australia Day with Karley and other aussie friends having a BBQ!!!!! Yep not a typo, we had a BBQ and the sun was shining so much people where wearing sunglasses... it was great.
The hospitals I worked at weren't too bad, not like the good old JHH of course but still effecient enough. I found it hard that not too many people get in and help each other though. If I was fortunate enough to work next to other aussie or kiwi nurses it was okay but otherwise you didnt get any help to move or wash or do anything so that was a bit wierd..

The best part of course was when Adam came down to London to meet me. He came down last friday and we had a great 6 days together before heading back to cold raining scotland... We managed to get up to quite a bit so we felt really good.
On sat we went to the Borough Markets and walked around sampling all the fine food. Gorgeous cheeses (had to buy some and bring it home of course) and the best chocolate brownies we have tasted so far, and the happened to be gluten free - bonus!!!! We then got the train to Chelsea and watched the Chealsea vs Huddensfield game. It was a great game and Adam loved it and wants to see more now. It was so fast and skillful, (no offensive to the Jets - and trust them to get into the final when we are over here).. The supporters are crazy, which we anticipated anyway. Very vocal and excited and sing all the time, so that was nice to experience. We went into a pub before hand and the noise and singing, it was like they had just won the grand final...
We also managed a day trip to Bath and Stonehenge. It was really lovely but freezing cold of course. It would have been great to jump into the natural hot springs at Bath instead... The whole town is just so picturesque and lovely, but not a lot to do there.
We did a bit of shopping and went to Richmond for lunch by the Thames River, it was a lovely sunny day and had a great time..
The last day we went to Tower bridge and london tower in the hope of going up and getting some good shots. As you can tell from the photos it was such a misty, foggy day. We are going to go back and do it some other time, not much point going up to the top of the bridge and not seeing anything...
Also, nearly forgot, we had a great dinner in Covent Garden followed by a west end show. We went and saw Chicago, which was good. It is performed all on the same set, with same costumes so not overly exciting but still a good night out... will definately be going to see more.

Thats about it, we packed a lot in and are definately keen to go back. We saw a nicer side to London (also the crap side of the tube, rude people, over crowded oxford st )... but are thinking maybe we should move to London. Just thinking about it at the moment cause we will have to sacrifice our own flat to share and costs are higher but we can travel more from there, more football games for adam, and great food markets...

Anyway will let you know... Hope all is well back home.
Keep in touch
Love Kelly (and Adam at the gym)