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Tuesday, 04 Mar 2008

MapHi Again

Just thought we would quickly share you our Loch Ness tour. It was fantastic, just went last week so expected it to be freezing, still technically being winter, but it was a great sunny day.... well started that way. In traditional scottish style we got every season and type of weather, sun, rain, wind, snow and the fifth (scottish - liquid sunshine) more rain.

We had a fantastic, young, scottish, red haired (seriously) tour guide. No kilt or bottle of whisky in his hand though. He was so enthusiastic and had the best tales to tell it was definately the most interresting and funny tour we have ever been on.
We started in Edinburgh and made our way past Stirling to Glen Coe. It was a long day with lots of driving in the coach but Wil (the guide) was so interresting time flew by. On the way we made a rest stop and thats where we met Wils big, red haired giant friend Hamish.. a big hairy cow (literally). A true, highland cow, he was so cute.
Then on the way to Glen Coe we heard the story of the Battle of Glen Coe. The views of the three sisters (three mountains) were great and they still had snow on the peaks so it was really nice.
Then we made our way up to Loch Ness.... unfortunately we did not see the Loch Ness Monster (according to Wil she had gone to Florida for the winter - dont blame her either it was freezing)..
The Loch was nice but not what we expected. Very understated, no big signs or touristy stuff, no signs even. There was a tourist shop but thats it. We saw about 3 Lochs (lakes that is) on the way up and I think that Loch Ness is only special cause of the 'monster'.. we did hear some more great stories of course..

After that we made our way back down to Edinburgh, more stories and great views and snow, yep it snowed but only for a little while. We got to see great views of the Queensferry bridges as the sun was going down and then went for dinner in town..

It was a great tour and we are definately going to go again and do something else with Wil. He is so funny and so informative

Well, we will keep you posted as promised,
Adam and Kelly