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mr messy’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Dec 2007

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mapa big hello to everyone, how are you all?
(dublinese translation - 'ow arre ye mi olld flower, w'ats t'e stori?)

I just wanted to wish you all my fondest thoughts to you and families for the coming xmas and NYE festive and festival season. hope you are all keepin well, and plan to stay that way for the frovolities that the Australain summers brings. the heat, the BBQ, the heat, the beach, the heat the heat the heat...
Yes my friends,in a word dublin is 'freezing'
(dublinese translation- Like, Me fookin dargs mout' iz stuck tageed'er!)

it has been ever so long since my last email and as I am about to begin leg 2 of my europeian trip I figured I'd take a moment to reflect and Invision upon you the experience that has been IRELAND.
-Granted, that most of it has been somewhat of a blur at times!
(dublinese translation - t'at muppet is completly ou' of 'iz bean!)

Farewell to the Ireland of green

For those that don't know by now I have been living, working and partying in 'dirty old town' Dublin for the past .... ummm .... (I think its been a while. the exact amount of time escapes me at the moment)
As a city, Dublin is teeming with things to do and rich with historical sites and exzibits to visit. Phoenix park is the largest park in europe and is home to some 1000 wild deer. Being hung over and cruising through a football pitch, to come across a gathering of dee grazing without a care, is amazing, and this has been the basis for many 'doe. a deer, a female deer' jokes. sad but true.

The Bar that I worked in was right next to my hostel (and yes, i still managed to be late once), just little way of town and closed down over most weekends, quite rare as bars go. this is unless there was a mini music festival / rave / DJ set / TV show after party (tudors- some henry the 8th thing, I don't watch TV). All of which gave me the impression that 'people in dublin are a little off the wall.

One frustrating thing about dublin is the that after, say 12pm, most bar shut down. not what I'd consider normal for a nation with such a heralded drinking reputation. Maybe its a good thing considering how many drunks there are without 24 hour bars (It made me miss sydney thou). The bars that do say open put there prices up a few euro. most bars try very hard to be bendy trendy, although if you look hard enough you'll find the dark and tasteful bars, with either open mike nights or just cool music playing... the guiness is normally better there + people like me hang out there. enough said!

don't let the fact that the bars shut early put you off, if you get in with the crowd a 'lock-in' is never too hard to organise. these normally finish about 9 in the morning, when a bar has to reopen.
then its off too a brewery or distillery. simple yet affective

For anyone who hasn't lived in a hostel... I half heartly suggest you try it.
ONE room / TEN people ?
makes for some interesting outcomes, Such as;
-other travellers, who are nice and peaseful during the day, turning into that girl off 'THE EXORCIST' when they sleep!! demonic voices, head spinning around, arms outstretched, that type of shit. (If I hadn't been laughing so hard, I would of been scared!)

my travels took me to glendalough in county wickalow. Wickalow is known as 'the garden of ireland', and it very easy to see why. large waterfalls and plenty of mountains to climb (got sick of walls, needed something real). With heaps of tradintional standing stones and ABC (stands for: Another Bloody Castle) and a village built on top of a small river, glendalough is stupidly beautiful.

Leaving the hostel where i'd lived for the past 3 months, was like leaving a little mixed community of french, aussies/kiwis, and polish. the manager 'irish' john (there were 3 johns, race some into it) had wicked a outlook on life, being the bass player for rocky three piece band called 'legion of ape' I quiet often gave him stic about playing in a 'teenage angst' band. all in good fun thou.
Had many good nights out with so many lovely people there and I really hope I say in touch with them all. goodbye Ireland, you've been grand.


I flew to frankfurt germany to meet up with a friend, who I met on the paddywagen tour that i tagged a free ride with (Thanks phil, your a gem). Germany lived up to every espectation I had, Transport that is bang on or maybe 10seconds late (could do with some of this in sydney),
really really tall friendly wonderful people (except when you touch there private nuts - I know what your thinking, but no, Its not that! its ... complicated)
hiendelburg, about an hours travel from frankfurt, is very old school. its built in to shadow of a ABC (yes, another bloody castle) but so much more than the irish ones. this ones on the side of a mountain... must been seen! steep incline trains take you up, expencive but very cool
The town had a very fairytale feel to it.
and the FOOD!!!! all kinds of meat sausage, bakery treats
felt very fat leaving germany. almost pregnent HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA true story.



What can I say about Amsterdam, that hasn't been said before...


Even thou I arrived in winter, the city seems to just hold you with a warm hand, and say;

'go on, enjoy yourself, do what ever you want, nobodies watching... have some fun'

Cafes, bars, clubs, red light district, museums, beautiful tall dutch people... This place has it all and so much more.
If you ever wanted to see an elephant run through a building at full speed, Amsterdam seems like the place where it could be organised.

dark alleys with chilled people, who are bombed out the face most of the time makes for a very enjoyable experience. The cannals and the old style push bikes add such an old/elegant touch to a town already filled with so much.

Last night, for the first time in my life, I saw snow fall in a major city. the whole town had a glaze over it, like, those doughts at krispy creme. Amsterdam normally has a slight haze over it, due to what ever is working its way through you system, but this was something special. I wondered around the town for hours taking photos with my phone (camera was stolen, Travelling hazard) and chatting to the football nutters that had decended on the town to watch everton play up the road (crazy fun)

you can get loss in the museums for hours

(mental note, must buy a new camera - snap, yeah boy)

I'm not sure I could live here, I think I'd waste to many years staring at the celling.... Oowh my brownie.. lunchtime (hee hee)

So, Think i'll be here for christmas and then off to Prague for the new year (Mila, my friend from czech gave me advice not to go, 'wild and messy' were her words.. My kind of place, can't wait)

Its been so long in between contact and I feel I could fill another four pages of stuff thats happen along the way, I'm trying to keep this short, But I guess the rest can wait till I see you all again.

To everyone who's heading off to festivals and other such shanigans over the new year, I hope you have a blast full of memorable messy moments. have fun stay safe(ish) and remember to enjoy everything you do and everything you are! Talk soon :)

Jarh, Big Love