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Nolene’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Sep 2010

MapHi Everyone

At last I have found a moment to sit at a computer.

We left ChCh 20 mins late and although a bit bumpy over the alps the flight was uneventful...afew bumps along the way put us in mind of what we had left behind!!!!! We arrived in Singapore around 5.30pm and then had to sit for 2hrs awaiting a flight from AKL on which our eighth member was travelling. Her flight had been delayed out of AKL because an passenger had a {anic attack just {rior to takeoff and they had to return to the terminal< take her off and then find her baggage!!!!! So, by the time we reached our hotel we were just a little big ragged!!!! A quick snack and it was off to bed for everyone.

We have a great group and everyone fitting in well - so far. We pick up our last member in Frankfurt tomorrow as she is already somewhere inEurope.

So for commenced with 10.00am Mass at the cathedral in 32deg but what an experience. A magnificent choir and organist along with trumpets. It was very moving and uplifting ....I commented to someone "I wonder what they do on a special occasion"!!!!!! The only thing that marred it was the homily which went on for ever....but the Priest had a beautiful speaking voice which helped a little.

Following Mass we walked downtown, had a cold drink in a food hall to soak up the atmosphere which was busy, busy and very noisy but that is the Singaporeans. We then walked along to Raffles, had a snack there and after finding Chris had left the tkts for our free bus ride at the hotel, decided to return and check was just too hot to carry on.

I am about to run out of tiime here so must finish. May be will continue from the airport where we are for some hours yet.

Hope the place is not shaking badly still.

Will be in touch again soon.