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Nolene’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Sep 2010

MapHere I am sitting in a tiny office in Rothernberg where we arrived around 1.30pm. The village is exquisite to say the least nd our hotel, right in the centre of the village is so gorgeous.

To go back a little....after a tiring day in the heat of Singapore we left early for the airport where we filled in time looking at the shops, having dinner and one or two of us a manicure which, in my case, was disappointing to say the least - give me <ballantynes any time.
Our flight which was due to leave at 11.50pm was delayed after we had boarded as a passenger who had checked in and whose baggage was loaded failed to appear so all the baggage had to be offloaded. They fortunately found his and in the process discovered there was a fault with the dor of the cargo may be the passenger did us a favour!!!! The flight of 12 hours was very long and quite turbulent in places and it was a very tired party who disembarked. We then caught up with our 9th member who had flown in from Turkey but whose baggage did not come with her !!!!! The joys of travel!!!!!

So, we are now 9 - 4 from Christchurch, 2 nuns from Blenheim. 2 from Auckland and Chris.

After the long flight (aabove) we were put on a bus and had a quick tour of Frankfurt. What a beautiful city....wonderful buildings largely constructed of red sandstone and very grand. We then headed for Rothenberg which was 2hrs on the autobahn and have had a quiet afternoon just looking around this "Heidi" type village, We are going to a restaurant tonight for our welcome dinner and then off to <munich in the morning.

Hope all is well in ChCh and not too many more aftershocks.

More in a day or two as we head for our main attraction, the Passion Play. Apologies for any mistakes these european keyboards are a nightmare for a touch typist as the keys are not all where they should be.