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TkNeo’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Aug 2007

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

MapOnly 2.5 hour flight from reyjkavik so it was not bad at all. Some confusion with directions so went around a 2 block circle and the hotel was where i started. Very cultural city. Old buildings. I am already in love with it.

Went to the city center to check it out. Had the red pølska hotdogs. Good stuff then went to Cafe Europa. The waitress, apart from being super hot, told me that they have won 3 world championships for Cappuchino and Caffe Latte so i had to try. 42 danisk krones, 8$ not bad but i cant believe they charged me for WATER also. seems like they dont sell water for free. second exprience today.

On the way back i found out that it is allowed to drink while walking on the streets and is very common. Ran into some drunk swedish people who were in town to hang out. What a shocker? :) Once a guy found out i came from minneapolis and told me he loves US and has been to Illinois and NYC and loved it. I joined them ofcourse for the drinkig and walking thing but they were too drunk and talking in swedish/danish. Great city.

Tomorrow i might goto ødense the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson. Weather forecast is good. Will call Magnus and Ida to check when they are coming to town.

While i was typing this i am in reception area and seems like the hotel is overbooked and lot of people are pissed.

Conversation 1 (messed up english)

Receptionist R: I am sorry we do not have room
Italian guys (I) : What do u say
I: We drive all from Italy
I: We have to go to street now
R: Its not my job to take care of stay
I: Its not my job. I have other job. This is your job

Conversaton 2:
Singapore lady (S): The taxi driver charge me more. 20 kroners. 3 days it happen. it not happen in my country. we can report to police.
R: In our country we can report
S: My husband is yelling outside.
S: I travel all world. This is wrong...

It was very funny to hear these conversations as both people could not speak proper english and trying to resolve an issue.

Ok seems like i have insommnia now. Go to bed NOW