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TkNeo’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 29 Aug 2007

Location: KÝbenhavn, Denmark


Danish people know that they are good at things and they are not shy about that :)... Saw a lot of the outer parts of the city on bikes... Weather has been very generous.. No rain so far. Low 60s only a bit windy..

As i got out of my hotel this morning i saw one of those city bikes. Ofcourse it wasn't mine but i stole it. What the heck. Now we are even. Then went to a rental shop and got my own as the city bikes are crap...........

The bike shop was right outside Røseborg which is the guards barrack. The guards come out of there and go to Amalienbørg )Queen's palace). So the guards walk on the road in a parade fashion and it was very unique so all the tourist were just following them . i did that too and when we reached the Queen's palace there were thousands of people waiting to see the change of guard. Interesting stuff !!

Then went to The Holy Grain Of Denmark. The DANISH ARCHITECTURE CENTER and got a student discount. Don't know for how long i am going to take this student discount.. :) Met this cute danish girl Ida at the DAC exhibition who was a 3rd year architecture student and told me about all the cool buildings in the city. Even marked them on my map and how i could go there.... I bought a book about 50 top danish architectures in copenhagen.... Then went to check out some of the buldings mentioned in the book ....... It is completely surreal what danes do in terms of designing. What one can't do on paper they can create a functioning object like that....Very impressive. Took some nice pictures. will post them later.

The weather seems to be good today.... There is this restaurant that i want to try but whenever i get there its 2 hours after kitchen close. WTF.

So i was going through that book i bought and i realized that i bought the danish version of the book instead of the english one... Was paying too much attention to that girl i suppose. Cannot believe i did that.

Tomorrow want to go to Ødense birthplace of H.C. Anderson ... 450 krones return ticket expensive but we will see...

Also i am completely broke... bleeding money like anything. !

If one was to find a correlation between US and Denmark we would get a negative coefficient at the most. lol. :)