Jayne’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Dec 2007

Location: Fiji, Australasia

MapWell! sorry i haven't been in touch for a while, but i will explain now!!
Arrived in Fiji on Sunday and went and got the boat straight to our first island. The boat was a 4hr journey and was really hot and nice breeze. We arrived at the sunshine resort where it was like a little community. Everyone lived in tin huts. It was right on the beach and we had a little hut there. Met some really nice people and went snorkelling. They have blue starfish!! The toilet and shower were shared and horrible! Once the sun came down, the generator kiacked in and was then switched off at 11pm and that was it. Pitch black until the morning. It was really like paradise. There were loads of dogs and one took a particular shining to me. Would just gaze at me and follow me. It would sleep outside my room and then follow me down to the toilet and back in the night! We even walked 25mins over the mountain to the blue lagoon to snorkel and it came, swam with us uand layed with me and waled me home!!! Would would even try to nibble my bum and lick my ear!!! We also had a host called 'Queen' doesn't that say it all! He was so camp.

After 2 days, we headed to the next resort on the speed boat. Seemed nice and we had our own little thatched hut right on the sand with our own shower and toilet, which wasn't particuallarly clean. This resort didnt have a a generator, so when the sun went down, that was it! It went dark and was pitch black until sunrise. Abi then got really really ill with diarrhoea and vomiting. So in the middle of the night she was being really ill and i was having to wind the torch up so we could see a little. This then carried on the next night and Abi was getting really dehydrated! Then in the night, Abi rushed to the loo and came back, fainted and hit her head and was out for the count. Well i couldn't see her and had to wind the torch up to make sure she wasn't bleeding etc!!! was a big nighhtmare. We then decided to head to the main land yesterday for some civilisation as she could make the boat journey back ok.

Half way through the 4hr boat journey back, there was a tropical cyclone!!! we had to go through it on the boat. Everyone was laying on the floor and being sick and the boat was going upo and down and side to side!!!

Now we are in a superiour room at a hotel with a shower, air con and guess what......... electricity!!! We fly to New Zealand Sunday.

Have added some new photos.