Jayne’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Dec 2007

Location: New Zealand

MapWell, I have been in New Zealand since last Monday, so a week now. Am travelling in a VW campervan and it is great, but the breaks are not that great!!! People keep taking pictures of us as we drive by.

We have been up to the Bay of Islands, although the weather not good so just went up at back down again. Went and looked around Auckland and went up the sky tower which is 220metres above the city.

We then kept heading South to the Corromandel Penninsula and went to this goldmine. Was so funny, because the woman selling tickets was the only person who worked there and she was running around taking tickets, serving and then we all put on our hard hats and went underground!!

After the goldmine we ended up staying on a farm and as part of the stay I fed the chickens and ate their eggs for lunch! I bottle fed the lambs and milked Daisy the cow!! I then fed the orphan calf milk and the calf sucked on my hand because it thought it was an udder!!

We then headed down to Whitanga and went to hot water beach. U dig down in the sand and hot water comes up and you sit in it. Was too hot though.

Last night we stayed in Rotorua, which stinks of rotten eggs because of the sulphur in the air! THere are natural geysers and mudppols/ thermal pools every where. We sat in a natural mineral pool, which was 40 degrees. The also had a Hangi, which is a natural steam oven and we cooked Lamb for dinner using the steam! Wen tout at met a few people and had a drink.

Before leaving Rotorua today, we went to a sheep show. I then did a free fall in a wind tunnel and the went in a zorb!!! It is a big rubber ball, with water inside and you get inside and the bush you down a steep hill. Was great!!!!

New Photos uploaded.