Jayne’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 12 Jan 2008

Location: New Zealand

MapWe meet up with a friend from Fiji last night in Queenstown and had a good night out, although my head didn't think so this morning. Minty was given back today and i am really sad! Tonight i am staying in a dorm shared with 4 others and 1 is an old lady who smells abit!!!

Lucy and Alex arrived today aftwer leaving Thursday night and it is Saturday here! It is good to see some familiar faces. We ate out, which was really a novelty and ended up eating their leftovers too. Going to do the Luge tomorrow, which is basically going down the mountain in a go cart type thing. Lesley and Mum will remember when I was like Penelope Pittstop! I will try not to look like that. See my photos xx