Jayne’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 Jan 2008

Location: New Zealand

Mapwell Lucy and Alex have been here a week now! it has flown by. We went to a bar called minus 5. Itr was -6.8 degress in there and we all had special coats and boots on. Everything in there is made of ice, including the chairs and the glasses!

The next day we went on a ject boat and it was great. We were going 70km/hr and spinning around near rocks. Was quite frightening. Then after that we went white water rafting for a couple of hours and was good fun, but pouring with rain!

We have travelled down to Te Anau. We stopped off on the way down in Dunedin and went on a railway, through the countryside and on viaducts and through tunnels. It was pouring with rain the next day so went to the Cadbury's chocloate factory and walked around there. I saw a little boy chop his finger off almost in the toilet door! We came to the rescue. Didn't get free chocolate for helping though!

We are being picked up at 6am in the morning for a 2 day kayaaking trip through Doubtful Sound. We are camping on the beach overnight and then kayaaking back Sunday, which should be good. It is hot here so hopefully wont rain. See my new photos xx