Jayne’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Jan 2008

Location: New Zealand

MapWe did the kayaking for 2 days. Was great and weather was so hot. We kayaaked and stopped for lunch on the beach, but we were so hot as we had so many layers of clothes. We ended up kayaking for 5 hours on the first day and we got to our destination, which was a deserted island. It was buzzing with sand flies and Lucy and I got bitten so much. Especially on my bum as had to go to the toilet in the bushes. We slept in tents on the hard stoney ground and was awful! Then we kayaked back the next day and kayaked for about another 4hours. On the way back, there were dolphins swimming around the kayaks and then there was a seal playing in the water.

Yeaterday we drove to Wanaka and stopped by a lake to have a look and ended up jumping in swimming. Was cold though.

To make you all smile, it is pouring with rain here. Tommorow, we plan to get a helicopter to the top of the glacier and hike down it. See my new photosx