Jayne’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Jan 2008

Location: New Zealand

MapOn Wednesday we went to the Fox Glacier. We got a helicopter to the top and then a guide walked us around the glacier for a few hours and we got the helicopter back. We had to wear special equipment and put crampons that stick in the ice on the bottom of the boots. As we walked the guide carved steps in the ice with and axe. There were caves natrually made that we walked through. The ice was so blue. We then drove to Hotikita and through a village where the population was 2!!

We are in Christchurch and went for a chines last night. it worked out to be 5.00 english pounds (I seem to only work in Dollors as have been using them for 10weeks!) each and we had a beer!! We were stuffed. Took the van back today and staying in a 10 bedded dorm tonight!!!!

Went to the Antarctic centre today and was reallgood. They put in us in a really big room with loads of snow and put the temperature down to -8 with the wind blowing at -50mph and the temperature dropped to -19!!!

Looking forward to flying to Australia tommorow. See my new photos xx