Jayne’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Feb 2008

Location: Australia

MapWe headed to Port Macquarie, where there a Koala hospital and is the only one that specialises in just Koalas all of the world. We cycled there in the mid day heat, but it wasn't too bad! When we were at the hospital a Koala was brought in dehydrated and confused. They gave it some fluids and put it in ITU. There are permanent Koalas that live there, that are blind or have bad arthritis. Was really good.

We then got up at 5am to get the greyhound and an hr and 30mins bus journey to Port Stephens! It was great there and we stayed in dorm type cabins, with a wild kangaroo that lives there, a wild Koala and chickens! The chicken even got on my bed! We got a lift to the sand dunes and went sand boarding, which is good, but not when you have to run back up the sand dune in 30degree heat, to board back down.

We then got the local bus, the greyhound, the train, the fairy and another bus to get to Kate's family's house in North Curl Curl. When we finally arrived, we had to lug our backpacks up the steepest hill ever! Was great to have a bath though! The next day we went into Sydney and saw the opera house, the sydney harbour bridge and darling harbour. I met up with my friend Valdie, who I know from Chelmsford for a few drinks. He now lives here. We then met some people we met in New Zealand and had dinner with them in China town. We will be going into Sydney a few times.

New photos on travelling 13 and 14.