Jayne’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Mar 2008

Location: Australia

MapWe went to Kate's parents farm in Blaney and stayed there for a couple of days. We rode the quad bikes around the farm herding the cattle and feeding the bulls. We also went with Philip (Kate's Dad) and collected some sheep and took them to the market! I loved it. They then dropped us at the Blue Mountains, but the weather was so bad that we couldn't see anything so caught the train home. Apparently this has been the worst summer since 1962!

Well I am leaving Sydney tomorrow. Have had a great time here. Went to see a pre mardi gras show at the Sydney Opera House and then went to a bar. We queued and hour to get in, but it was worth it and we didn't get home until 4am!

yesterday was the 30th Anniversary of Mardi Gras and was great. The parade went on for 3hours with fireworks and everything. I have never seen so many people in one place before. I met up with Valdie (my friend from Chelmsford) and a few girls i met in Byron Bay. Today am thinking that I am getting too old for this drinking 2 days in a row and late nights business!! (see new photos).