Jayne’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Mar 2008

Location: Australia

MapSince I last posted on here we have travelled by the greyhound down the coast to Melbourne. We stopped and stayed a night in Canberra just to say I have been, but wasn't anything to write home about, so I wont! We then stayed in a room above a pub in a tiny village called Albury for a night just to break up the travelling. The curtain was hanging off the wall and it was like a prison cell. I did wonder why it was so cheap!

We are now in Melbourne. It is going to be 37 degrees on Monday! It is 32 today. Our first night at this hostel was a nightmare! We were put in separate dorms for the first night. I was sharing with 9 men and it was a pig sty and the bathroom was awful. We thought we would go down to the bar as it was our first night and free champagne for the ladies. Anyway i would say it was an average age of 18 and we felt really old, watching these young girls, dressed up to the nines staggering around the dance floor at 10pm! while we stood in the corner watching, thinking I was 10 when this song came out!!! We went in our dorms and it went from bad to worse. We could hear the vibrations from the bar and every single word of every single song until 2am. The people in my dorm were in and out every hour! The people in Abi's dorm had female guests and kept Abi up all night (use your imagination)! We complained and got moved up to the second floor and are in with all girls of a similar age now, so all good.

Last night we went to a neighbours bingo night!!! was actually really good. Saw Libby sing and met some of the stars. When of the actors came over and said would we like a picture and I said yes please and passed him the camera to take a picture of Abi and I!!!! he didn't know what to say!! Was drinking wine all night, so as you can imagine, when the alarm went off this morning and I was still in my clothes from the night before and I had to get the coach to go to the Neighbours set and Ramsay Street, I wasn't too impressed!!!

The Neighbours tour was really good and we went to Ramsay Street and to the set. The street is a real street and is not called Ramsay street. The people who live in the houses have a contract with the film company.

I am meeting up with some friends that I know from Byron Bay and Sydney tonight. Doing the Great Ocean Road tour tomorrow and then flying to Alice Springs Monday, so it is all go. I will keep you updated. (See new pictures).