Jayne’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 13 Mar 2008

Location: Australia

MapWell it really has been hectic since I last wrote! We were picked up at 6am for the great ocean road. It was really nice weather and saw the 12 apposles and wild Koalas. saw different beaches and just the costal road.

Then the next day we got a plane at 6am to Alice springs, Which was really hot. Was 37 degrees. Quite a frightening place and full of aboriginals. The place was just so dry an dusty. The next day we were picked up at 5.55am to do an Ayres rock tour. That was great and saw all the rock and the different stories behind it and then we watched the sunset over it with champagne. We got dropped off back at our accommodation at 1am. So it was a 19hour day!!!! Then the people in our dorm got up at 4.30am and woke us up!!!

Since then we have caught 2 flights at 7am! one to Perth and then from Perth to Karratha. I am in Karratha at the moment and is 41 degrees!!! Just too hot. What makes it worse is that in the dorm I am staying in you have to put a dollar in the air conditioning unit every hour to keep it going!!!!

Tonight I get an overnight bus at 7.30pm and arrive in Exmouth at 5am! We then get on a tour at 6.30am, which is really cutting it fine. The tour takes us to Perth in 3 days, but you get on and off when and wherever you want to. We are only going to be on the bus 2 hours and staying at a place called Coral Bay for a week, which will be nice to relax. People have said it is amazing and just like paradise. Sounds good to me !! (see new pictures).