Jayne’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Mar 2008

Location: Australia

MapWell the bus journey overnight was horrible as the air conditioning was on so high and the bus driver wouldn't turn it down. We had to get of the bus at 1.15am and change buses and the second one was warmer.

We are in Coral Bay now until friday and it is beautiful. Just like Fiji, but with electrcity!! I have met some really nice people here. Have been snorkelling and saw a turtle and a sting ray and they were all in the shallow waters. I then layed down for a sunbath and thought my snorkel kept touching my leg and when I looked down there was a big snake going round my leg!!! I screamed and jumped back and it went into the attack position and luckily decided not to attack me. We moved to a different section of the beach and a big spider ran across the back of my hand so I gave up! I asked the lady at reception and described the snake to her and she said it was the most dangerous one here!!!

Tomorrow there are a few of us from my dorm going on a snorkelling trip to see the Manta Rays so looking forward to that. Will put the photos on soon.