Jayne’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Mar 2008

Location: Australia

MapYesterday i went on the boat trip. It was a struggle getting up for 8am!!! There was 4 of us from our dorm that went. it was so hot and really beautiful. The spotter plane spotted a manta ray and we snorkelled with it. It was 4metres wide, but they can get up to 7 metres. It was really graceful. We then went snorkelling in a couple of different areas and I saw a white tipped reef shark that was about 2 metres long! We saw a dugong as well, which is like a dolphin, but has like a trunk!! very strange. They say it is from the elephant family. We got back about 3.30pm and all of us fell asleep!! It really took it out of us, doing nothing! It isn't easy to sleep in the afternoon when you have 10 people in a dorm with you.

Tomorrow there are 7 of us that may do a quad bike tour. I bet the first thing my mum has said is oh no, not like Ozzy Osbourne!! and you guys at work I am sure can imagine my impression of my mum saying it!

Pictures will be uploaded soon when I get to a decent computer.