Jayne’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Mar 2008

Location: Australia

MapSince last time I made an entry on here, we did the quad bikimg. Was really good and we were going 45mph up sand dunes and everything. We then all went back and did a little snorkelling, but the weather was just so hot. Our last night in Coral bay loads of us went to the beach for sunset and had a few drinks.

Then on Fri it was time to carry on with our tour to Perth, so the easy rider bus picked us up at 8.15am. It was awful. It was 40 degrees and the air coditioning was over heating the clapped out minibus so we couldn't have it on! We had the windows open, but it was like having the heat on full blast in your face coming from the air vent in your car. We were in this condition or 11 hours!!!! The next day was much the same, but we had the air con on a bit more. Made some good friends on the bus as there was only 5 of us. We stopped in Denham that night after travelling another 11 hours that day! At the hostel we stayed in that night the air con was broken and I nearly cried! We got moved to a cooler room. They had an orphan Joey at the hostel that I had to carry around in it's pouch!

The next day the weather was cooler. We went to Monkey Mia at 7am and saw the dolphins. Then we drove on to Shell beach, which as described, is completely made from shells. We went to various look outs and then ended the day in Kalbarri. We were on the bus for 12 hours!!! That night we went to a place called Finlay's shed for dinner. It literally was a shed where they did BBQ fish. It was great we all bought our own goon and the chef was on the microphone!!!! Was the dtrangest place I have ever been, but was packed!

On our last day we stopped at other various lookouts and had champagne to celebrate our herendous driving being over once we arrived in perth 12hrs later!

We have stayed at a relatives on Abi's in Perth. We have been to visit some of her family and they took us to a plce called Bunbary.

Looking forward to flying to Thailand on Monday.

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