Jayne’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Apr 2008

Location: Thailand

MapGetting used to Thailand has been a bit difficult! There are no flushes on any of the toilets, you have to throw water down the toilet from a bucket!!! The food hasn't taken anytime to get used to though.

I got the night boat to Suratthani and was ok. It had about 100 mattresses all laid out together and you got allocated a number to lay in that space. You literally were face to face with the person next to you, although if you got it right you would all end up spooning!!!! I ended up next to a man from Denmark and his breath stunk!!! The boat arrived at 5am and then got a bus to Kho So National Park, which arrived at 9am, so was travelling for about 14hours.

Kho Sok is in the rainforest and our accommodation was treehouse style. We had to get used to hearing all the jungle noises all night!! We had loads of lizards and frogs in the room!!.

On the first day in Kho Sok we went on an elephant trek and our elephant ran off up the rainforest trumpeting at first and the guide chased after us!!! We trekked through the rainforest to a waterfall where they washed down the elephants. We went through streams and creeks and was great though very uncomfortable on the seats. The guide then let me get off the seat and ride bareback!! Was difficult at first, but once i got my legs under the elephants ears to stay on, it was good.

The next day we went on a lake tour. We got in the back of a pickup truck for 60miles into the national park. Once there they picked us up on a long tail boat to go to the floating village. It was a restaurant and huts floating on rafts in the water. Had an amazing lunch and then I swam in the water. After that we did a short trek, which took us to the bamboo raft with an engine on the back and to some caves. Whilst trekking they made us check that no leeches had attached themselves to us!!

When we were on the raft we saw wild boar, loads of different birds and 2 wild monkeys. Was great but a long day.

We are now on an island called Ko Lanta and I am booked in to do a thai cookery course tomorrow!!! I will let you know how that goes.
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