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TrevorMc’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Nov 2007

Location: Copacabana - Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

MapToday we were up early and ready to go on our tour by 7.45am but unfortunately and typical our bus didn’t arrive til about 8.30am or later.. We got to Copacabana and checked into our hotel (if you don’t was part of the tour so we were not complaining…!!). Our guide Mesmente met us at the hotel , we all had lunch together and then went with him to visit the Sun Island out in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Unfortunately, it took us a while to get there as the damn boat wouldn’t start for ages and then it took forever to get over but it was grand…the guide gave us loads of tid bits about the island and its significance. Therese and Antoinette went up to the ruins at the top of the mountain with the guide, myself and Ann opted out cos my knee was killin me that day….it was really cool though..! That night we had dinner and just chilled out…nothing very hectic…